So my hotshot grandson called me up the other day and told me he was happy I was blogging. I told him to go put a back over his head and take deep breaths.

He laughed.

He knows me well enough I am only half kidding.

Well it turns out he wanted my help. Isn’t that a constant theme?

The young kids these days can’t do anything for themselves. They gotta always yank on their parents and grandparents for help. Me me me me me me. Well I say enough it enough.

When I was young we didn’t have anyone to help us along. We had to make it work for ourselves. Those days people survived by their will and fortitude. Not a freakin hand out.

Then slowly as we grew away from war and fears of impending doom we got our asses lazy. Getting comfortable while the taxpayers help us with out retirement. Well here is the bad news kids. Uncle Sam stole it while you were sleeping. You dumbasses.

Anyway where was I? Oh yeah so my grandson is not all that bad. He has been pretty good at keeping his nose clean and taking care of his little petite wife. I could stand for her to ear a little more for god sake.

He started a roofing company and wanted me to let all you folks know about in case you needed commercial roof repair in Clearwater Florida. I told I have no clue if anyone in Florida reads this but it was the least I could do to get his annoying voice off the phone.

And another thing. These godforsaken phones are gonna be the death of me. It was one thing to have a cell phone and it was kinda of convenient. But now you are lucky if you can find a simple one anymore. I don’t need a freakin computer in my pocket all day!!



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