Hey knuckleheads! It has come to my attention that people are buying homes again. The housing market is ticking up everywhere around the country. Do you know though that owning a home isn’t exactly easy?

You got things that need maintenance like roofs, paint, yards and heating/cooling. It is never ending! Just when you think you have it all good and settled something else will break.

I don’t want to discourage you all from getting a place although you better damn be able to afford it! So sick and tied of all the riff raff getting things they can’t afford.

Anyway before I get ranting again I wanted to share a story. When I owned a home in St. Paul Minnesota I was constantly freezing my ass off! Which is why I don’t live there anymore. However if you buy a home in the Northern frozen states you want to know a good garage door repairman. Seriously! It is probably the best advice I can give.

I knew this company called On Tack Garage Doors. You can check them out here…http://www.ontrackgaragedoorsmn.com/. They are a great company and man I called them quite a few times to fix my garage door.

Eventually I had them come out and replace the whole damn thing. You get what you pay for and the one I put in there was cheap. On Track put in a nice quality two car garage door and it is kinda sad that I rarely need to call them anymore.

Now I know you are probably saying that coming from me how can a garage door be so important? Consider this. What do you use just about every day? What do we really can’t live without?

Your car!

You can’t tell me how ruined your day would be if you couldn’t get your freakin garage door open so you could get to work or get your kids to school. How about the trash cans? Your lawn mower?

If you have a garage door then know a good repairman. It will save your life. And if you are in the St. Paul area (God bless you) call up On Track Garage Doors. They are the best.

I hope you youngins take this advice. I gotta go find my remote. Lost it again!

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