Angry man

I want to cut to the chase so if you need to know what this site is all about go here.

This world has taken a turn for the worst. We have people running this country who have only known kind words since birth. We have this notion that everyone needs to be civil and kind and don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

Well bullsh#t. How will we ever know who has the moxie to withstand a crisis? Who will be able to tell the cracker jacks from the men?

Whoever wrote these rules have ruined everything and they were probably the sniveling crybabies who grew up and decided no one else should suffer. Well good job folks. Now we got a confused generation with no compass.

We got an election going on here now and everyone is running around crying about Trump. How rude he is and unorthodox. I am not a fan of the guy but Boy do I love his style! Telling it to you straight and holding no prisoners. I think he is winning because it is such a breath of fresh air seeing someone who isn’t going to kow-tow to every sissy pants who can’t navigate their bank accounts let alone run a country.

Where is the common sense these days? Tough men get things done. Sure there are a few out there but it use to be more of the norm. WW1 and WW2 produced men like you’ve never seen before. They were pissing their pants and scared as hell but they stepped up the call and served their country well.

Men are bred to be leaders. Now we see single moms out there saying they don’t need a man. Well maybe you don’t but your kids sure do!

I am sick and tired of the constant political correctness going on today too. Pussy footing around does nothing for advancing a culture. We need to make the hard choices and say the uneasy things to see change.

That’s what I aim to do here and if you don’t like it then go the hell away and find your mommy.

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